• American latest industrial coolant technology. Introduction:1.Anti-Rust, anti-boil, anti-freeze, anti-overheating. Ideal for water tank and rubber maintenance. 2. Designed for all water-cooled gasoline engines. Net Weight: 2KG

  • The product contains power Nano-tech featuring in fast reaction (Rapidly remove dirt, glue,stain and oxygenate in the carburetor, crankcase, piston, thimble and oil pipe). The cleaner is ideal for improving engine efficiency and power, reducing fault, prolonging life span of machines, and protecting mechanic parts.

  • This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, waterproof, effectively against ultraviolet ray and keeps the leather fine gloss. Preventing dashboard and leather seats fade. Preventing exhaust emission from penetrating the leather. Also ideal for car wheel and rubber products.

  • used to clean the car, the surface of the asphalt, oil, with a cleaning agent and a dual effect of light, can make the car after the surface clean and bright. Warning: to make sure the sample test before use. Containing gas under pressure, do not let the child play, not near the fire source, do not squeeze and collision, not exposure or burning, stored in 40 DEG C cool, ventilated and dry place.