• A, blue Dan linedraw fluid is a kind of air pressure spray senior special ink, because of its excellent adhesion and is especially suitable for drawing parts mold etching of special positioning line. This product has two kinds of packagi

  • Red Sealer -Ideal for sealing high precision of machinery parts and gears to give out the best performance of the machines. Product can be used to detect imperfection in the installation process. -Unlike other products on the market. This product is stored in sealed can which prolongs the lifetime usage, and provides convenience when using product. Two Packages: Spray /Plaster Direction: - Shake well before use. - Spray evenly on the mechanic parts from a distance of 20 cm. (Short distance results in dropping and blister).

  • Grinding Steel Grit Cream This product is compound of imported carbon silicon, carborundum, anti-rust and drainage material. Ideal for mold, metal grinding/fine grinding/polishing and diesel/gasoline engine valve maintenance.

  • Application: The Cleaner is non-pollution and degraded products.The product features in rapid cleaning oil dirt on the surface of machine equipment, tools and plastics. Non-corrosive to machine parts after cleaning and offering anti-rusting in short-term. Please do the further anti-rust process if necessary